Nobody knows what the shit this Irish guy is talking about

funny shit 13/04/2017

The nation prepares for some of the worst weather we’ve faced in modern times (reportedly) the kids have been sent home from school, the Harbour Bridge is threatening to close, Haylee’s freaking out about flying to Coachella tonight…

Meanwhile,  the internet is laughing at two farmers from a country that’s got shithouse weather all year round.
Ireland, of course.

We feel like there’s something deeply comforting in laughing at someone else, as an alternative to having a freak out over ol’ Cooky the Cyclone.

The Irish farmer’s have had up to 60 sheep stolen. That’s all we’ve managed to distinguish (from the anchor).

As a fellow sheep-loving country, we concede that that really sucks.

But nobody has any idea what the farmers themselves are actually saying…not even the Irish.

Whatever it is, it sounds glorious and we can't stop giggling.

Can you decipher what the farmer's are saying?