Martin Garrix & Pax give Dutch Karaoke a hoon

funny shit 17/03/2017

Martin Garrix visited the Breakfast team this morning, prior to his exclusive show at The Studio tonight. 

We decided to call him in advance and find out exactly what his idea of a party was... so we could throw a rager (at 7 in the morning) in his honour. Obviously. 

Martin asked for a number of things: orange soda, Karaoke and pizza were on the list.

Wait. Did he just say Karaoke?

Who loves karaoke? WE LOVE KARAOKE.

Soooo, we got Martin to perform his favourite Karaoke tune live to air... 'Bloed Zweet En Tranen' - by Andre Hazes. Classsssic. (We think?) 

Watch the video above to check out Martin Garrix's sweet singing skills.
Pax really vibed to it. He's hoping Martin will drop some 'Bloed Zweet En Tranen' inbetween 'Scared to be Lonely' and 'In The Name of Love' tonight...