We catch up with the “Worst Mother in the World”

viral 27/04/2017

George Breakfast caught up with Abby Plested, the mummy blogger based in Grey Lynn who has gone viral for saying she doesn’t baby proof her home.

And when we say viral. We mean viral. She’s been plastered across papers in Australia, and the UK. She even got a mention on USA Today, probably the first Kiwi blogger to make it on to a US talk show.

Most of the coverage has been villainizing Abby as a bad mother, simply because she believes parents don’t need to go too hard on the baby proof front in their homes.

Plested has a "let them learn and they won't do it again" mentality. Her kid pricks his finger on a cactus, he learns that hurts and doesn’t do it again. Doesn’t mean she needs to throw the plant away.

Plested explains: “I have never put baby gates in my home or gone over the top, sure I have the medicine and the chemicals and all of that in a place that you don’t want your kids to grab. Just common sense really.”

Yep. That all makes sense to us.

So, how the shit has something so ridiculous blown up globally?

“I did an interview with NZ House and Garden to talk about my home and family, not even to talk about baby proofing, I said a little sneaky comment on how I don’t go over the top on baby proofing and it has now outraged the world to think that I’m not protecting my kids.”

Every single time it goes to a new person or article… it just gets even more blown out of the water.

“Like Chinese Whispers,” Clint adds.  

Papers have literally been writing about her doing and saying things that simply never happened. 

We’re glad she’s taken all this ridiculousness in her stride and has a sense of humour  about the whole thing.

Check out her blog Honey We Are More, or her instagram Abby Plested, where you’ll be able to see she is in fact a very good mum.  

Sensationalism at its worst.

2017, huh. What a time to be alive.