Former Warriors fan really not ok, sets two jerseys on fire

Warriors 15/05/2017

Following the Warrior's soul-crushing defeat against the Penrith Panthers over the weekend many of you took to social media to air out your frustrations.

Shit had been going so well. But losing an epic 22-point lead in the second half seemed to send some Warrior’s fans into a whole new world of crazy...

Like the two dudes in the video above who set fire to their Warrior's jerseys, (in a carpeted area too!!?). 

Vid by Samantha-Jayne Baran (her partner Sean Wilton and father in-laws jerseys). So they're a legit lit fam.. Geddit?

Puns aside, we understand that this was a bigger roller coaster of turmoil and emotion than the fucking Notebook. But some of you really didn't cope. 

Yes, the jersey-burners undoubtedly took the loss way too hard, but they weren't alone, here are some of the more savage tweets. We think you guys need to vent out your frustration and then calm TF down.