The Rick & Morty Season 3 premiere is streaming RIGHT NOW

TV Shows 02/04/2017

Oooooh weeee! The premiere is here!!

In possibly the greatest non-April Fool's joke ever, and in classic Rick & Morty humour, those cheeky bastards have released the first episode of Rick & Morty Season 3 on AdultSwim.

According to the official Rick & Morty Twitter account the episode is only available until midnight ET/PT (it's still April Fool's over in the US right now.)  

It's also been playing on Cartoon Network on actual television in the US (the schedule says it’s Dragon Ball Super but it ain’t no Dragon Ball Super!)

Unfortunately the AdultSwim stream is location locked, however they could hardly deny the rest of the world the premiere episode and not expect it to get ripped and end up online... 

That hour long special story that gripped the internet earlier in the week, looks to be fake news, as what we just watched was your regular 22 minute Rick & Morty fix. 


We don't want to put up an illegal streaming link on the website, so get your Google on.  

No official news on when the rest of the season will air.

Anyway, we assume you've long since stopped reading and begun your search to get glip gloped. 

So booo ya and a wubbalubbadubdub. 

Also mulan McNugget dipping sauce...