The hunt for the Dunedin Dumper is on

Breakfast 11/05/2017

An unidentified person in a green prado has been ridding themselves of unwanted furniture on Vogel Street, in Dunedin, by driving a trailer with no sides and hooning really fast around the corner and over a speed bump, so the contents of the trailer go flying.

Benny Boy points out:

It's the getaway and the crime AT THE SAME TIME.

Add Bruce Willis and a solid CGI explosion, and we'd have an action packed blockbuster on our hands.

It was actually orginally thought to be an accident, but when the Dunedin Dumper became a repeat offender, dumping TWICE in one day at the same spot, it became clear the owner of the green prado was attempting to completely revolutionise rubbish disposal. 

That, or they couldn't be bothered finding a poor student who needed a couch or paying for the dump fees. 

Getting caught with an unsecure load can come with a pretty hefty fine, but Clint points out most Kiwi's will just want to get the couch back to the guy.

Mate, you dropped your bloody couch. You gotta go back and get your bloody couch. Your bloody couch is on the bloody road mate.   

Interestingly, the footage above is from the same camera that caught that French tourist taking a poo on the side of the road earlier this year.

That's a whole different kind of Dunedin Dumper.

George Breakfast tried to hunt the Dunedin Dumper down to no avail this morning.

We're down in Dunners for George on Tour at the Mac's Brewbar tomorrow, so if you're reading this, mystery Dunedin Dumper, we've got a double pass for you and we'd love a ride on your getaway trailer.