Kendrick just dropped a violent af music video for his tune 'ELEMENT.'

music video 28/06/2017

Out of nowhere, Kendrick Lamar just pulled out a music video for the tune 'ELEMENT.' from his latest album DAMN. 

Jonas Lindstroem co-directed the video with the Little Homies, the duo of Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment President Dave Free.

It shows the constant waging war between peace and violence in America.

Reminiscent of the saturated symbolic collage that was the HUMBLE. music video, this clip juxtaposes violent imagery (a burning building, black hands in handcuffs, a child with a pistol, even Lamar himself brawling, rocking a blood stained shirt) against peace and religious symbols (nuns in habits, a child standing in the rain, a couple in bed). 

Check it out above.