The sexy, cooked & famous humans of the George Green Room: Young Franco

video 22/06/2017

How sick was Young Franco though!? 

Hi. It's Roisin here. 

The George web girl.

I.e. The person who replies to your comments on FB and writes all those George articles about weed and tits and cocaine and Flume, that you love clicking on. Yeah, you do.

BUT last Friday, George decided to give me the night off... kind of.

My boss wanted someone to get some cool shots of our dope set up at Impala for the George Green Room: Young Franco, and to get to know some of the people. Have a cheeky mingle. 

What I ended up with was footage of Bachelor winner, Viarni Bright's WILD NIGHT.

With all our real talent away, they had to settle with me as the video host.

In front of the camera NOT behind.

Bloody wild.

I tried to do what they asked.

What I ended up with was:

- Footage of Bachelor winner Viarni Bright's WILD NIGHT 
- A bunch of other hot chicks dancing
- A cooked bro who wanted to smoke my camera girl's durry and rap for Triple J (soz, wrong country m8)
- One of our fave George artists, Baynk, letting loose,
- And a rogue mangina. 

That should do it?

Yeah, that'll do it.