Snoop Dogg narrating Planet Earth makes for 'high' quality entertainment

funny shit 14/06/2017

Can't speak for the rest of you, but everytime we turn to Planet Earth we have a big old bag of grainwaves and a fat doob on hand. 

Hence why hearing Snoop dee oh double gee narrating one of the show's most iconic scenes, makes the blazer inside of us beyond satisfied. 

He absolutely nails the infamous iguana vs. snake scene from Planet Earth 2.

Don't get us wrong, David Attenborough is more than the perfect narrator, he's a gobal hero. He gives Morgan Freeman a run for his money when it comes to vocal godliness. 

But Planet Earth and a bong or five go together better than Ponsonby wankers and an avocado themed gram (#forthelikes #guac #gofuckyourself).

So, removing the highbrow Attenborough facts from the show and letting Snoop narrate what we're all actually thinking while watching Planet Earth, stoned off our chops, has us in hysterics...