Tammy Davis attempts to get drunk off beer-gelato

Breakfast 13/06/2017

Ever since we heard about Australia's VB gelato, it's been our mission to create our own (just without such a piss-weak Australian beer).

After a rigorous selection process, we recruited Moa, who provided us a "Sour Blanc", and Giapo - New Zealand's best gelato artist, and we got to work.

Today, we enjoyed the spoils - a creamy, tangy, sour, refreshing batch of alcoholic ice cream.

BUT the question remained: could someone get drunk off ice cream?

The man to find out: Tammy "Munter" Davis.

He not only took on the 'cream, he mixed it with more Moa beer to create a gelato-beer-spider. One hour later, the 1.5L tub was gone and Tammy blew a 0.1 on the breathalizer.

Was it the gelato, or the added beersies? We may never know. But we do know someone needed an uber at 10:01am.