The George FM unofficial official pitch report with Tammy Davis

Breakfast 22/06/2017

We have no idea what came over them...

But, ahead of the big game on Saturday, Eden Park let Tammy on to the pitch to make sure the grounds were in optimum condition for the All Blacks. 

Defs the best man for the job.

Test 1. The goalpost girth

"Only the best in the business know this, but the goalpost should be the same size as my c#*k "

Seems legit.

Test 2. The taste test of the grass 

"Yep, that's good solid Waikato fertiliser that they're using here."

Test 3. Are the lines really white?

"Clint, arm."

Test 4. Length of field 

"Knew it was off."

"It's meant to be 50."

"Is it? Oh yeah. Good."

Test 5. Sponsored product

*skulls Steiny* "Good."

Test 6. Kick test

Better luck next time Tammy...