WATCH: Benny Boy hit a 6am rave with Morning People

video 29/06/2017

Dan Aux was asked to play at the Morning People Morning Rave yesterday morning, in Whammy Bar, Auckland. 

What is a Morning People Morning Rave you ask? 

Well, there's a breed of people who don't roll out of bed groaning, with five minutes to spare - just enough time to put some pants on, brush their teeth and roll on some deoderant - before they boost to work.  

No, these people get up an hour, maybe even two, before their work day starts. And hit Whammy Bar, where every second Wednesday a different DJ drops the biggest bangers to wake up and sweat too.

There's lots of coffee. There's persimons and mandarins. There's a club filled with SOBER happy people getting their dance on. 

Sounds bloody crazy.

So, we sent Benny Boy (and myself) down to check it out... watch how the morning unfolded above. 

Roisin Kelly. 
(AKA Ro, the web girl)