Watch Peking Duk peak Splendour with their first LIVE set featuring Aluna George

peking duk 24/07/2017

After just day one of Splendour in the Grass, Australia's ABC news reported on Friday: "Has Splendour already peaked with Peking Duk?"

"Peking Duk weren’t the Friday night headliners but nobody told Peking Duk that."

Everyone and their nana can DJ these days... we've gotta bring more. 

Little more than a week ago, Adam and Reuben told George Breakfast they'd been working their asses off to make Peking Duk a "live" experience. 

Adam explained: "Everyone and their nana can DJ these days... we've gotta bring more." 

And "more" they brang.

Their set at Splendour has been hailed as the peak of the festival, with later acts struggling to follow up Adam and Reuben's energy, talent, strage presence, and cO2 jet streams. 

Don't worry, the Peking Duk boys haven't turned their backs on their signature banger-on-banger DJ sets altogether, they still opened their Splendour slot with the familiar tunes of Kendrick, Kanye and Rage, BUT with the new element of a live show.

From Reuben slapping the bass and a shirtless Adam (please, always be shirtless Adam...) shredding the guitar, to SAFIA's Ben performing the vocals for their hit 'Say My Name' LIVE.

From an unexpected acoustic guitar performance of 'Take Me Over', to the premiere of Peking Duk's 'Perfect Places' remix (Holy shit. Can't wait to playlist that chuuune).

THEN mega babe Aluna Francis (of Aluna George) appeared on stage with Peking Duk to perform arguably the biggest song in the EDM world right now, 'Fake Magic' (well, it is in our universe), AND the UK songstress returned to the stage to perform 'Turn Up The Love' with Adan and Reuben.

*Lemme just stop for a breath here*

This sounds like the greatest Peking Duk has EVER been. I've never experienced such a severe case of FOMO. Very much regretting not just forgetting about real life responsibilities and flying over for the weekend, right now...

They might have only been here last weekend for Christchurch and Dunedin's Re'O-weeks, but we're already frothing for Peking Duk to come back to New Zealand and share their epic, new live show with us.

Love your work boys. 

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)