3 terrifying minutes of Stranger Things s2 just dropped in this nighmare-inducing trailer

trailer 24/07/2017

S2 of Stranger Things returns to your Netflix account on October 27th.

In the meantime, Netflix have got that Stranger Things hype train rolling, having finally dropped a full-length trailer over the weekend.  

With Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' soundscaping the whole thing, both the 80's nostalgia and the freaky sci-fi themes have come out strong.

So, what's actually going on? Eleven is making her way back from the upside-down, Will's seeing some freaky multi-dimension shit, the gang are playing some old-school pinball, Winona Ryder is still pulling that face that's somewhere between needing to take a shit and having a heart attack, and there's some freaky War-of-the-World-esque creatures on the horizon... 

Hype, hype, hype. 

Check the full trailer out above.