Clint, Kara & Tammy vs. each other on who can hold down all the lyrics to Informer #lickyboomboomdown


If you've ever heard the lyrics to Informer, you'll know that they're seriously f**kin hard to first of all, even understand and secondly trying to sing along to them is proabably near impossible.

So Clint (aka Clint Whiter than White Snow Roberts), Kara (aka Kara Bump & Grind) & Tammy (aka DJ Tim Tam) decided to give it a go and verse each in what they call Informer Karaoke.

$100 eac is on the line and they must challenge off to see who can hold down the chorus and first verse the best. Winner takes all. George resident, MC Slade popped by to help judge.

Let's just say, DJ Tim Tam did not practice at all whilst Clint Whiter than White Snow Roberts & Kara Bump & Grind put some serious practice in.

Check it out above to find out who won.