FASHION WEEK: theBalm make-up is so damn good even Benny can give a decent make-over

Fashion Week 28/08/2017

In the lead up to Fashion Week, we sent Benny Boy down to meet the beautiful people of theBalm Cosmetics. 

Not only is theBalm packaging the coolest damn thing make-up has EVER come in, all wrapped in 1950's styled pin-up girl art with punny names.... but the make-up is SO good, SO easy to use, even Benny Boy managed to do a DECENT make-over on Haylee Clarke.

Benny really had no idea what he was doing, at one point exclaiming; "It's like 3D colouring in... this is the weirdest thing ever." But - somehow - the make-over was a succes.

We're still confused about this.

Defo not the result we expected... Which is a testament to the make-up (and Haylee's beautiful face, or as Benny put it; her "lovely, pale, ginger skin.") 

It's like 3D colouring in...  this is the weirdest thing ever.

theBalm is based down at The Beauty Hub at Fashion Week, and if you have show tickets, you have access to the Beauty Hub. Beauty experts will be on hand to help you get that photo-ready, fashun-baby, perfectly made-up look. 

And if you'd like to score some new make-up, head over to our Facebook, name one product Benny used in this video and you could score all four of the brand new, top of the range cosmetics he "applied".

Yes, Benny "applied".   

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