George DJs dropped their 'See Ya See Ya Later' remix at Snow Ball, blowing Suzy Cato's GD mind

Vids 08/08/2017

The Bavhu boys light up the George decks every Tuesday night, are two of our favourite go-to house duos, they're popular across the Auckland club scene, your boy Cam Bav even hosts a club night at Impala. 

What you might not know, is that the Bavhu boys may well be Suzy Cato's biggest fans.  

In their most recent set at Snow Ball, Ohakune, Bavhu dropped a 'Seeya, Seeya Later' edit - with the help of fellow George DJs, Lee Mvtthews... 

The crowd went bloody wild.

Check out the only known footage of the event above. Shout outs to who ever got their phone out and captured this moment of pure Kiwi music gold. 

Iconic. Truly. 

Both the Bavhu boys and Suzy were stoked.