WATCH: The exclusive, first ever LIVE performance of 'Temporary Love'

live 03/08/2017

Escape from the cold and dive into 'Temporary Love', a refreshing Summery pop anthem, that's so catchy it'll be ringing in your head hours later...

Yes. Jupiter Project and the lovely Libby Offord joined Benny Boy and Sin on Drive earlier this week, where they gave us the exclusive first live performance of their hit tune 'Temporary Love' - also featuring George Nights regulars, Karmadella, who unfortunately, couldn't make it up. Big ups Palmy North.  

Libby gave us some insight on what the song is about and Jupiter Project talked about their upcoming music production/sampling project with Samsung.

But if you just want to get straight into the music skip to about 1.10.  

Escape from the cold, and dive into this Summery pop anthem.