Where'd all my mates go!? George listeners share their tales of abandonment

funny shit 03/08/2017

We almost left our intern behind before leaving for Snowball... Which got us thinking, who else has been abandoned by their mates? 

No surprises, the George listeners pulled through with some quality yarns. 


Got left at Splore had to get a ride back in the back of a rubbish truck.

That stinks mate.

Fell down a trench on a building site when I was five, next door and was in there for six hours! Screaming out, mum didn't come to look and was only heard when dad got home at 7pm from work.

And he's still feeling the emotional trauma today...

Not a mate, but close to it. Left my bong at our book'a'bach for R&V last year... then drove an hour and half back to get him. 

Never leave a man behind. 

Got left behind at Raggamuffin, my mates thought I was in the car. Turns out it was someone else.

Holy shit. How high were your mates!?

Check out a few more of the texts below.