Unlimited sex and drugs promised in Colombian holiday package

Drugs 06/10/2017

An ad for a Colombian holiday company offering unlimited access to prostitutes and allowing drug use is being labelled "disgusting" and "utterly dreadful."

The 'Sex Island Experience' from Good Girls Company is offering 30 tickets for US$5000 each to its late November holiday, which also includes unlimited food and alcohol.

The video, which is highly produced and set to uplifting dance music, emphasises that there will be two women for every man, while the official website insists all prostitutes are STD-free and that condoms must be used for all sexual activity.

Drug laws are relaxed in Colombia, with cocaine and marijuana decriminalised. Although Good Girls Company do not offer to supply patrons with drugs, it boasts a "drug friendly environment".

Prostitution in Colombia is not illegal, but pimping is a crime.

The Daily Mail posted the video on its website, calling it "shocking", and provoking hundreds of comments on Facebook. Among the many 'joke' comments were concerns raised about the age and consent of the prostitutes being advertised, along with concern for the safety of customers.

"How disgusting, utterly dreadful," says David Martyn.

"There should be heavy human trafficking behind it. It smells like a crime, not a 'sex paradise', and should be investigated," writes Victoria Gubko.

"I believe the shock is likely more the age range of the male actors used in the video to portray what I imagine would be more like creepy old dudes similar to Trump or Hefner types on this holiday," adds Edward Wall.

The Sex Island Experience takes place on a private island and aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Cartagena on the north coast of Colombia from November 24 - 27.