Into everything from D&B to hip-hop to rock n' roll? Then check out Shelton Woolright's new project 'Deadbeat'

Music 05/12/2017

Well this is a bit different. And by different, we mean cool as f**k.

Shelton Woolright - who you might know as the former drummer of West Auckland rock piece Blindspott from back in the day or his new group Kinetic, and who is also playing all the summer festivals this year - Rhythm & Vines, Bay Dreams and Jim Beam Homegrown to name a few - has released a video from his new project 'Deadbeat', and it's racking up the views on Facebook.

Clocking in over 615,000 views in less than a week, the video sees Woolright in a full face of skeletal paint, bashing the shit outta the drums and mixing together every music genre there is - from rock to hip-hop to classic club anthems.

Watch the video above and see for yourself. What do you think -rate it or hate it?