Samsung savagely trolling iPhone is the one viral vid you want to watch today

funny shit 07/11/2017

Samsung has unveiled its latest advert, urging Apple iPhone users to "upgrade" to its Galaxy device and trying to prove it is more innovative than its tech rival.

The commercial, entitled 'Growing Up', takes aim at those who religiously purchase a new-model iPhone when it comes out every few years - timely considering the release of Apple's iPhone X and 8 in the last few days.

The ad takes viewers through a journey over the past decade, showing off the Galaxy's supposedly superior storage, note-taking ability, screen size, waterproofing and headphone jack.

It claims to have introduced many now well-known features long before Apple, which may be true - but comes across as somewhat ironic, considering the pair's latest legal showdown over the last month.

In late October, a US judge ordered a new trial to determine how much Samsung should pay Apple for copying the appearance of its iPhone.

That comes 10 months after a NZ$572m penalty was imposed on Samsung for imitating the iPhone's look on its own Galaxy devices, which is now likely to be reduced with the new order.