Is it a chore or not a chore? With Chores at Homegrown

Homegrown 09/04/2018

Going to have dinner with your Mrs' parents... Chore or not a chore?

We headed to Jim Beam Homegrown over the weekend with Benny Boy for an absolute rinser, catching up with a bunch of punters and some of our favourite boys, Chores, after their unreal set on the Electronic Stage.

Why interview someone in a green room when you can interview them in a jacuzzi boast courtesy of Crusing Jacuzzi?

We thought we'd get punny (classic gag) and ask Chores whether different situations were a chore or not a chore... based on what all you guys agreed on.

Check out the boys getting literally hot and steamy in a floating hot tub for some quality banter and some hot sauce..