Peking Duk went on The Project to support drug safety testing at music festivals

Vids 20/02/2019

Good Aussie lads and good friends of George FM, Adam and Reuben from Peking Duk went on The Project NZ last night to voice their support for drug testing at music festivals.

Drug testing is a polarising topic in Australia at the moment. Five young Australians have died from taking bad pills and/or other substances at music festivals and many more have been hospitalised, and there has been a public movement to legalise drug-testing to keep people safe at festies.

However, even in light of this horrible news, the NSW Premier is still against pill-testing as they do not believe there is evidence the harm-minimisation strategy would save lives.

If anyone would know whether drug-testing at festivals would be a good idea or not, it would be Peking Duk - who pretty much spend every other day performing at festivals and see first-hand the danger of the lack of safe pill testing.

It's not encouraging drug use, it's about harm reduction. It's about saving lives.  We're always at music festivals, and people are always gonna take drugs at music festivals.

We've seen in Australia - when you up the police presence, people walking into the festivals sometimes grab everything in their pockets and down it all in one go, just to avoid getting caught and avoid getting a court sentence.

Watch them above. What are your thoughts on the topic?