Guess The Humm with Hummingbird Coffee

George FM and Hummingbird Coffee are giving listners the chance to win
Hummingbird Coffee and at least $100 cash each morning!

What more does one need to start their day off right?!

Just keep it locked for your cue to call to play Guess The Hum! Then simply guess the electronic dance tune that George Breakfatst is humming and you could win $100 Cash plus Hummingbird Coffe!

Guess incorrectly and the $100 jackpots and rolls over to the next day!
All cheers to Hummingbird Coffee 

Here at Hummingbird we beleive that every sip of our beautiful coffee should not only keep you going but a whole community as well.

From crop to cup to community. Hummingbird, keep the world humming.