Beats, Bangers and BBQs with Best Foods


George FM Breakfast might be serving up the bangers at your place!

It’s almost the end of summer but we aren’t letting that get in the way of a hearty Kiwi BBQ!

Best Foods National BBQ Day is on the way and we want to celebrate with some serious sizzle. George Breakfast want to host a BBQ at your place, with a live DJ set on Best Foods National BBQ Day, Sunday the 24th of February.

Tune into George Breakfast everyday for the cue to text, and you could win!

Celebrate the great Kiwi BBQ this summer with Best Foods National BBQ Day on the 24th of Feb! Get ready to towel off your tongs, crack open a cold one and sizzle some saussies - served with a side of your favourite Best Foods mayo of course!

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