Kara, Lee and Tammy's Leg-up


George FM are here to show their support for local businesses with Kara, Lee and Tammy’s Leg Up! Know a small business who needs a bit more work coming through the door, a tradie who’s just gone out on their own, or an existing business who needs a bit of a shout out? Each day in George Breakfast we’ll give small businesses a free 15 second ad to promote themselves on air!

Listen for the cue to call at 8am to get on the air. Can’t get through on the phone? Text LEG and deets about your small business for Kara, Lee and Tammy to read out on-air.

The first 12 months of a new business can be both immensely exciting, as well as downright stressful and challenging. MYOB has the tools and technology to get your new business up and running, for just $5 a month MYOB will help you on your journey to start, survive and succeed in your new business.

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