George Breakfast with Thane & Kara

After years of struggling to get to the radio in the afternoon, Thane is going for something new for 2015 and trying to make it before 5.30am. He made these lofty promises of early morning radio based solely on mythical key performance indicators and promise of riches. None of which has come to fruition.

The show contains all your classic radio breakfast standards, time checks, traffic and travel, and weather, just because they fill time. Alongside some brilliant humour, off the wall chat, and every so often something that walks the fine line of the law. Joined every morning by Kara Rickard, as a level headed, objective look at whatever ludicrous idea Thane tries to achieve next.

Check out features like Bus Stop Watch at 8.10, Human Traffic, Benny’s Boys, Kara’s Cosy Corner and so much more.

Rounding out the show is a host of guests and friends of the show.

Check out the playlist here!

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