David Dallas talks his new album and staying authentic

The highly anticipated new album from D.Dot, Hood Country Club, is finally here.

8 hours ago

YouTuber roasts Chainsmoker's music writing techniques

"You wanna find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love."


Kendrick and Skrillex making music together?

The king of EDM and the king of Hip Hop are joining forces...


Listen to Carmack’s bootleg remix of Kendrick Lamar’s 'DNA'

Carmack's remix is here not even a week after the tune dropped. DAMN.


WATCH: Skrillex get handcuffed by the LAPD

Handcuffed for getting too lit.


NASH just released the inspired visual 'Know Thyself'

George Night's luminary NASH has just released a short film, visualising TWO of his tunes.


New music from ODESZA!? Could this be true!?

It's been three years since we've heard any new ODESZA, but they've put up a cryptic Spotify playlist that suggest this is all about to change.


George's top 5 Prince tunes, curated by MC Slave

It's been once year since our Prince died, so here's a few tunes to commemorate and celebrate the legends life.


Sysyi's come out 'Better Off'

This morning the 19-year-old Auckland-based producer gifted us all with a huuuge tune.


Kendrick's new DNA. video takes you on one dark joyride

The music video for DNA. just dropped and it features DON FUCKING CHEADLE.


Lou Phelps has released his album 'oo1: Experiments'

The Montreal rapper is stepping out from his brother's shadow and is proving himself as a force in the hip hop scene.


Lorde killed Coachella set, shut haters the f%#k up

Lorde debuted two new tunes, five tracks all up from the upcoming album, a massive theatrical set and a whole lot of FIRE.