George FM Tune Room


to the Tune Room…

Admittedly it’s not so much of a room as it is a window…a window into your thoughts on the music we play at George! Within this room of tunes we have a fine selection of new musics, old musics and in-between musics to put the test…all you have to do is slip off your metaphorical shoes at the door, enter the room, listen to tunes and have your say on what we play!

What’s in it for you? Well there’s the Godly power of influencing the music you hear on George FM, the joy of being part of the Tune Room experience and “in” on all the latest harmonies! Plus due to the fact our dear friends at Pioneer have come aboard with some sweet looking headphones why would you not...look at them...they are pretty special.


Come on old sport! It would be an honour to host you in our Tune Room…

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