Red Bull Sound Select 2016

The Soulection Madcap takeover returns. Red Bull Sound Select curated by Madcap reconnect with Soulection

Jarreau Vanadal - LAKIM - SOSUPERSAM - Peach Milk - Villette (Wellington Only) - Montell2099 (Auckland Only)

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After their huge success at K Road's Neck of the Woods venue last year, Red Bull Sound Select, Madcap, and Soulection are reconnecting to bring Jarreau Vanadal, LAKIM, and SOSUPERSAM to New Zealand for two shows in Wellington and Auckland on the 24th and 25th of February at Meow and Sweat Shop Brew.

"Madcap is excited to bring The Sound of Tomorrow back to New Zealand with Red Bull Sound Select," explains Madcap founder Haydn Middleton. "Soulection is an inspiring collective that is constantly pushing forward thinking music and breaking the traditional moulds of mixing genres. We're excited to host Jarreau Vanadal, LAKIM, and SOSUPERSAM and also return to Madcap's birthplace - Wellington."

Hailing from Amsterdam, Virginia and Los Angeles respectively, Jarreau Vandal, LAKIM, and SOSUPERSAM each came into the Soulection fold through their own pathways. Raised on classic jazz, funk, soul and 90s hip-hop, rock and RnB, Jarreau Vandal, began making beats after his musician grandfather introduced him to Logic Audio at age sixteen. Since late 2013, he's slipped out a small but perfectly formed series of original releases and remixes that explore the bleed space between dance music, hip-hop, RnB, and Jazz.

A Soulection stalwart since 2012, LAKIM has spent the last half-decade evolving his crisp drums, psychedelic synths, and smooth vocal chops through solo work, collaborations with Mr. Carmack and ESTA, and Janet Jackson and Banks remixes. From Soulection White Label releases, EPs and his 2014 album This Is Her, LAKIM's reframing of dusty boombap as club-ready dance music has been crucial to Soulection's stylistic development and growth.

SOSUPERSAM is a DJ, vocalist and performing artist with one ear focused on the underground and the other on Hollywood, and she bridges the gap. Well known in the LA club circuit through appearances at Low End Theory, The Do-Over and her RnB club night 143, she uses her entertainment industry connections to champion the sounds of future bass, indie, rap and RnB at marquee events like Fashion Week, Coachella and ESPN's Super Bowl party. Since 2013, she's been Vanity Fair's DJ of choice, soundtracking photo shoots for the likes of George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Idris Elba and Zoe Kravitz. Outside of Los Angeles, SOSUPERSAM has performed around the world with Little Dragon, Erykah Badu, and Soulection.

As well as the Soulection triple bill, these two shows will mark the arrival of new Auckland-based Red Bull Sound Select artist Peach Milk into the Madcap fold. Since making her first performance at Chronoponium 2016 and releasing her debut EP Finally, Peach Milk has been wowing audiences around the country with her dream-house sound, winning accolades here and abroad along the way. "Peach Milk's sound reminds me of the early days when I first started getting into electronic music," Haydn reflects. "Between her aesthetic, impressive EP release and live performance, we feel she is the perfect candidate to step up onto the platform." "[I] can't wait to debut some fat new tunes for everyone on my new 98% hardware setup," Peach Milk enthuses.

In Wellington, Jarreau Vandal, LaKim, SOSUPERSAM and Peach Milk will play alongside Villette. In Auckland they will be joined by Montell 2099, rounding out two wonderful evenings for fans of the Soulection sound. In Madcap's words, "These gigs promise to bring you a complete community experience drawing together local influences, music, and content that Madcap places a strong emphasis on. It's good vibes only. Come in either city and find out why."

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