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It was supposed to be so easy - quick in and out! But the chumps messed it up. Now $10,000 worth of Diamonds are stashed somewhere in Auckland! Yours for the taking. Just piece together the clues and the ice* is all yours.

Every day at 8am and 5pm we will play back the new message from the informant. He is the snitch on the inside...he owes them nothing…and what he knows could get you the diamonds.

At midday we will cross to The Heist taskforce briefing room to hear the latest that the police have on the crime.

Always check back here to find all the clues if you miss it on well as some secret online only clues! Good Luck!

 Task Force Informant


*The prize is a diamond ring you can design yourself on the Walker & Hall Ring Creator to the value of $10,000! 

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Case Closed

Congratulations to Kevin, the winner of the $10,000 Walker & Hall diamond ring!

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