The Uptown Boogie

Two stalwarts of the Auckland Hiphop scene, T Rice and Hudge, have joined forces to bring you the latest chapter of The Uptown Boogie. These guys have been DJing at clubs, festivals, concerts all over the Globe for over 23 years and are rumoured to have forgotten more about music than most people know about music. The basis of their sound has always been Hip-Hop but their unswerving love and encyclopedic collection of fine tunes enables them to inject whatever it a takes to rock a party – something they never fail to do. Expect Hiphop, Funk breaks, Disco, Reggae, Latin, whatever…if its fresh, it makes the cut

These guys like to get out of the studio and broadcast live too, so watch out Queenstown (The Find) and lookout Auckland as The Uptown Boogie will be tearing up the airwaves near you soon!

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