LISTEN: Disclosure team up with RAYE for 'Waterfall'

LISTEN: Disclosure team up with RAYE for 'Waterfall'

Disclosure returning to their roots, big vibe on this one.
1 September 2022 4:03PM

Disclosure have dropped their second single of the year, teaming up with vocalist RAYE to bring us “Waterfall”.

The follow up to Zedd collaboration “You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free”, “Waterfall” signals a return to their garage sound and features similar artwork to their last single - so fingers crossed a bigger project is on the cards.

With beautiful vocals from RAYE layered on top - who you may remember from Louis The Child's Breaking News or David Guetta's BED - the track has been described by the duo as a 'summer sunshine banger'.

Give it a listen below!

Disclosure joined Sin & Brook on George Drive earlier in the week and chatted about the new show they're currently touring - and discussed their high levels of involvement at every level of the show's production.

'We're going for a different approach now where we bring out musicians like there's a samba band that come around with us and some horn guys that come out for Tondo,' Guy Lawrence - one half of Disclosure said.

'Me and Howard we're more DJing now, but there's still live elements too.'

'I've got some drum pads up there, there's like a little analog synth up there which I'm playing.'

'Everything you're experiencing has very much gone throught the filter of us which is great I think.'

Here's hoping they bring their live show here soon!