Welcome to the Big Dance!

Sin Howard & Brook Gibson are fast & loose, high energy ravers - putting the fun in dysfunctional. This show is by the heads for the heads, and growing new heads! Getting the people clued up on tunes, spreading the electronic gospel on your drive home with plenty of fizz & laughs - cheers to The Samsung Galaxy S22.  

“So excited to bring you the best in dance music & beyond on your way home,” says Sin.

Brook is equally frothy: “Welcome to the Big Dance... hooo bloody rooo!”  

It’s not just your home of electronic music it’s your home - they’re on your level, doing the same shit as you every weekend - you’re part of our friends group now, you have officially entered the chat!  We’ve chucked two best mates in the studio - let’s watch the chaos unfold.

Catch George Drive with Sin & Brook - Monday to Thursday 3-7pm, Fridays 4-7pm.

George Drive, with the Samsung Galaxy S22. The Fastest phone in the Galaxy

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