George Drive

Sin & Brook  |  3-7pm Weekdays

Welcome to the Big Dance!

Sin & Brook. Best friends, fader riders, and rider drinkers. Delivering you the latest happenings from the dance music universe, with plenty of hiss, hass, and hoos for your drive home.

Whether it’s Brook recklessly calling out C-grade celebs during the Weekly Wrap Up, or Sin accidentally disclosing some of her boyfriend's private information on the national broadcast, (Did you know he’s in Lee Mvtthews?) Expect a range of directionless digressions, hot takes, and plenty of preaching the electronic music gospel.

You may catch a world class guest mix from a superstar stopping by, or you might hear a particularly hairy blend with the award nominated ‘Does It Double’.

Either way, catch George Drive with Sin & Brook - Monday to Friday 3-7pm on George FM.

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Catch George Drive with Sin & Brook - Monday to Friday 3-7pm.

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