George FM Nights 

George Nights from 7pm to midnight is Aotearoa's best resident DJ's mixing up all the George FM genres. From the long running hip-hop legend DJ Substance on Monday night, to fresh faces like Tizza, and Beiks on a Tuesday. From genres-benders like Kidku, to dubstep champion EMWA, and garage ambassadors Silk Cuts. You'll get something different each night.


Sam Lovli - Poris - Tizza - Harrison Jupe -
The Too Cut Take Over - Bassment Radio - Tellah -
Lanez - Lee Mvtthews - Lunch Box Records Radio - THATSA! - Silk Cuts In Session - Emwa - DJ Substance - Breaking Beats - Kedu Carlo - Kidku

Tune into George Nights from 7pm - midnight Mon - Thurs.

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George Nights