World's richest couch surfer Elon Musk says he doesn't own a house

World's richest couch surfer Elon Musk says he doesn't own a house

Good to know the bloke hasn't lost touch.
1 September 2022 4:03PM

The world's richest man Elon Musk – sporting an estimated net worth over 260 billion dollars - says that despite his infinitely deep pockets, he doesn’t actually own a house, instead spending a lot of time between spare rooms of friends.

In a video interview with TED founder Chris Anderson, Musk said: "I don't even own a place right now, I'm literally staying at friends' places.

"If I travel to the Bay Area, which is where most of Tesla's engineering is, I basically rotate through friends' spare bedrooms."

Musk has previously spoken about his spending habits, noting that "it would be very problematic if I was spending billions of dollars a year in personal consumption, but that is not the case.”

He added that he rarely splurges, but notes one exception.

“I mean, the one exception is the plane, but if I don't use the plane then I have less hours to work."

So even with the PJ, it's just so he can do more work. Absolute mahi dog.

Ex-partner Grimes - with whom he just had another child - said in an interview last month that Musk sometimes lives ‘below the poverty line’.

'“Bro does not live like a billionaire' she said. 'Bro lives at times below the poverty line. To the point where I was like, ‘Can we not live in a very insecure $40,000 house? Where the neighbors, like, film us, and there’s no security, and I’m eating peanut butter for eight days in a row?'