'He's out, he's back': Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland has been released from jail

'He's out, he's back': Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland has been released from jail

People are raging, while Billy is raring to go.

Billy McFarland, who shot to infamy in 2019 after a documentary chronicling the epic failure of his ‘Fyre’ music festival, has been released from prison.

McFarland still owes investors $26 million after being sentenced to a six-year sentence, of which he only served 14 months.

“He ruined my life,” said John Nemeth, an investor in the festival, talking to Rolling Stone magazine,

" That’s what happens when you are born from rich parents and you can afford the best lawyers, but you can’t pay back the people that you’ve robbed.”

Jason Russo, McFarland’s lawyer, said that the disgraced felon is already looking for ways to “generate income” and this has gotten the online crowd talking.

Due to just how epic of a fail the festival was, people are taking every chance they've got to fire off jokes and insults at Billy.

Andy King, the event planner turned legendary meme after he was brought in to try and save the festival at the last minute, is not quite as negative as the online crowd, telling Rolling Stone that we “certainly haven’t heard the last of Billy McFarland.He’s out; he’s back.”

King wants McFarland to succeed, and is pretty intrigued to see where he goes from here.

“He’s had some time obviously, to really think about he is actually trying to pay back the $26 million. What’s he going to do to create a clean state? And is there a life after prison where he can create a positive legacy?”

No matter what McFarland does, it seems it’ll be a pretty big task to wipe the epic shitshow that was the Fyre festival off his legacy.