These two lads went out for 'just one beer’ and ended up in Ibiza

These two lads went out for 'just one beer’ and ended up in Ibiza

When 'just one drink' actually goes well

It’s a tale old as time, you and the fellas decide to have a quiet one, go to the bar for a quick drink and a catch-up.

Five hours later you’re in some random living room, one of your mates has gone AWOL, you’ve lost your vape, texted your ex, and you’re struggling to remember just how you ended up in such a predicament. 

That one beer at the pub has turned into an eerie combination of dread, regret, and confusion as you grab a pie and a Powerade the next morning.

Two lads, heroes even, have managed to defy the odds and turn ‘just one pint’ into a genuinely incredible story.

Dan Evans and Alex Stubbs grabbed a drink on a Friday afternoon with a plan to be back home before midnight.

During their solitary pint in Merthry, Wales, someone suggested the pair take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Magaluf, Majorca. And the pair agreed.

After a quick stop at home to grab passports and chargers, the two found themselves at the airport. However, there were no tickets to Magaluf left.

Having got as far as the airport, the two decided not to let a change of location derail their plans, so they hopped on a plane to Ibiza instead.

Check out footage of their trip below. 

Mr. Evans, talking to WalesOnline said that neither he nor his mate slept for the entire 36-hour trip, only conking out on the plane back.

“It was all worth it,” he said, “we have no regrets and will probably do it again, but it might be a few years before we can do it again."

Godspeed gentlemen, godspeed.