We investigated the viral $300k bar tab from EDC Las Vegas

We investigated the viral $300k bar tab from EDC Las Vegas

Is this out the gate festie piss-up cap or fact?

We know drinks and food at festies can be a bit pricey, but this $300k bar tab that was allegedly run up at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas is a bit excessive, to say the least. 

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I mean, that’s all my mates' university debts paid off with enough leftover to grab a second UberEats on a dusty Sunday. 

However, all may not be as it seems. We took a closer look at the receipt and things don’t quite add up. 

  • $1,995 for one bottle of ‘Clase Azul Reposado’ - a tequila that goes for only $329 at this site
  •  $3,300 for 2 1.75L bottles of ‘Absolut Elyx’ vodka ($1,650 a bottle) - seen to go for around 90 euros at this site
  • $2,700 for 36 Water Buckets
  • $300 for 4 Red Bull buckets
  • $30, 000 for 4 1.5L bottles of ‘Ace of Spades Rose’ ($7,500 a bottle) - which go for $1,450 a bottle here
  • something unreadable
  • $100,000 for 4 3L bottles of ‘Ace of Spades Brut’ (so, $25,000 a bottle) - priced at $2,299.99 here
  • something unreadable

These prices seem way too marked up to be real - some of those bottles have been increased in price by over 600%

More evidence that suggests the bank-breaking bar tab is BS is the identity of the poster.

The tweet was posted by @VibesSushi, who is a club/gig/festival promoter. Is it that far fetched to say Mr Sushi forged a ridiculously expensive bar tab to go viral and get some more business for himself?

Not a bad idea mate, but nothing gets past us here at George. 

On the other hand, there is some evidence that suggests the ridiculous drink prices could be real.

First of all, we would not put it past a festival to raise their drink prices that much. Especially in Las Vegas, the land of high rollers who are more than likely out too intoxicated to be counting their pennies. 

This video shares drink prices at EDC a couple of years ago, with mixed drinks going for $14 - 25, which does seem quite pricey, even for a festival. 

Also, one Twitter user shared a supposed price list for tables at the festival. With the front of house tables going for a whopping $200,000.

It looks like there are two possible reasons for the jaw-dropping bar tab:

One, some guy just made it up to get some more customers for the gigs/festivals he promotes. 

Two, festival owners have gotten so greedy that they can raise their drink prices six-fold with no real drop in demand. 

Either option is honestly a bit sad. 

Did I spend too much time investigating a largely inconsequential tweet? Most definitely. But damn it feels good to do some internet sleuthing.