1 in 8 delivery drivers admit to eating a customer's kai and we're not loving it

1 in 8 delivery drivers admit to eating a customer's kai and we're not loving it

Hands off, ya ratbags!!

Thinking about chucking in an order for something disgustingly greasy to be delivered to your door while you and your couch continue to morph into one creature?

Of course you are.

And hey, no judgement there - we all know the singular joy that comes from a lukewarm delivery of fries on your doorstep when you're as dusty as the inside of a Dyson. 

We're just here to give you a heads up that you might wanna think about picking up that feed yourself - because a new study has found that 8 in 10 delivery workers admit to chowing down on customer's kai. 

To be fair, the survey that produced these shocking results did take place overseas, but we don't know if we should be taking any chances. 

500 delivery drivers were polled by Circuit Route Planner, and 79% confessed to munching on someone else's food - but depending on your priorities, that's not even the worst of it. 

A quarter of them admitted they had hooked up with someone in the delivery truck - I mean, as long as our food's not getting cold, go for gold - and just under 10% said they'd taken a piss on or around a customer's house. 

Two in every five delivery drivers said they had been used in TikTok videos and other social media trends, and honestly? Who's got the energy. 

Let's be real, none of this is likely to stop us going into overdraft by spending all our cash on convenience when it comes to food, but it's a good reminder to be nice to your driver eh?