Businessman wears heels to work, feels like a boss ass b*tch

Fashion 12/03/2018

An Australian businessman,  Ashley Maxwell-Lam, has made headlines with his uncoventional fashion choice he chooses to strut most days of the week.

As a professional, he dons a suit everyday of the week, but on some days, he'll pair this with a set of six-inch stilettos.

Photo credit: The Project Australia

Ashley is a 30-year-old project manager for an insurance company and thinks his heels give him an extra egde in the corporate sector.

It's fierce. No one expects to see a six-foot-tall man walking in six-inch stilettos.

He admits that it was difficult to approach his boss and tell her about it but he got it out of the way and hasn't looked back since. Although he also admits that when he approached his manager, he didn't ask her he just told her "I'm going to wear heels".

I felt confident, I felt invincible, I felt empowered; like I could take on anything and do anything.

He now owns quite the collection of stilettos and is not sorry about strutting his stuff through his office. 

Photo credit: The Sun UK