The 8 types of punters you see at Kiwi festivals, and how to achieve their looks

Fashion 31/10/2018

At any festival, there's always your classic stereotypes of punters who attend. Some niche to Aotearoa, others can be found all around the world. 

Are you itching to find your place and what sub-group you belong to? Well we've got your back as we've put together a list of a few of the usual suspects you'll stumble upon during festy season, and how you can solidify yourselves as one of them.

1. The sharkie wearing Hawaiian shirt advocate

Even the most basic of people will dress a little extra for a festy. One of the most standard looks to go for (in particular for men)? The pairing of a cool Hawaiian shirt and some speed-dealer looking sunnies.

An easy look to achieve, you can get sunnies anywhere from at ya local servo, to a  cool site like Uncle Rico

To get the groovy Hawaiian shirt, here's a few places you can hit up:

2. The beedazzled booty babe

This look is not for the faint-hearted. Being body confident and ready to strut your stuff is key. You want to be noticed!

The beedazzled booty babe loves to douse themselves in jewels and glitter, (for the most part on their face) and in some instances, literally every other part of his or her body.

Some choose to just buy cheap glitter to achieve this look, but if you're wanting some epic jewels and biodegradable glitter for the occasion, here's where to head:

3. The boho 'just came from Coachella' queen

The ones who dress to this level are always EXTRA AF.

Down to the finer details, these ladies would've planned every aspect of their outfit, from the earrings, to the belt, to the laces in their shoes. No accessory goes unnoticed for those Coachella lookin' babes. 

Often seen with wide brimmed fedora hats and long kimonos, there's plenty of vendors that can supply you with the perfect Coachella-esque fits, here's where:

4. The DGAF good bitch

The DGAF good bitch, is generally a chick who's not that fussed on what she's wearing, and will just buy some outfits that are both equally affordable and reasonably cool, as she's probably going to ruin it on the razz anyway.

The general outfit combo definitely consists of a tee or singlet, paired with some denim shorts or a skirt, and of course, a statement pair of Converses or Vans.  Easy.

We're sure you know where to suss such an outfit, but here's a few suggestions in case:

5. The dude bro

No shirts are required for this one, just a a juicy pump that starts from the year before.

Here's a few places that can help you achieve this look:

Yeooow! Get that rig out!

6. "Had to do it to 'em" trust fund baby

These guys usually have decent rigs as well, but their outlook is a little less loud and proud, and a little more conservative. 

Inspiration found here:

A linen shirt, whether it's plain white or nautically striped, is an absolute must for pulling off this steeze. Your shoes can vary from boat shoes, to Vans, to even just Birkenstocks. Whatever the choice, just make sure your hair is styled immaculately and you've wiped the dirt off your Raybans.

Places that can help you with this look:

7. Ultimate slogan tee menace

This person either is just here for a good gag, or is really into cool vintage band tees, either way though, it's an ICONIC look.

We'd recommend sifting through an opshop, going on an online Vintage Marketplace, or just even making one yourself? (Like the Yeah, Yeah, Durries guy).

Just make sure you've got yourself a classic.

Places to check out:


8. The groovy girl that's always 2 years ahead of the game

You know which ones we're talking about. The girls that turn heads. The girls that are dressed so far out the gate, you'd give anything for an inkling of that confidence. They are total show stoppers.

When it comes to this type of festival goer, channel your inner Regina George. Think outside the box. She wore camo pants and flip flops so everyone wore camo pants and flip flops. If you show up the following year and someone’s wearing the same outfit - you’re doing it right.

To get some outrageously cool gear that you guarentee probably no one has, head here: