The world's next top supermodel isn't even real

Fashion 06/03/2018

Shudu, the model behind popular Instagram account @shudu.gram has recently gone viral and been donned "one of the most beautiful models Instagram".

The catch is though, and much to everyone's surprise, she's not even real. Shudu is actually completely CGI, a whole project created by photographer Cameron James-Wilson.

Augmented reality and technology has been hugely infused within fashion in recent times, with many fashion houses incorporating technology where they can to advance the relevance of their brands.

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Each image of Shudu is created on Cameron's computer with pain-staking detail and takes about three days minimum to produce, but an additional few weeks if you include all the planning involved.

The idea was inspired by the Princess of South Africa Barbie Doll and she has even become so popular that Rihanna's Fenty Beauty regrammed an image of her insinuating she was wearing one of their lipsticks.

In light of her being CGI, not everyone is happy about it. Although some see it as simply art (and amazing art at that), some believe the creation of a "fake" model is taking work and opportunities from real black models. This is especially controversial to some people since the creator of Shudu is evidently, a white male, and any profits made by him is him benefitting from appropriating another's culture.

Whatever your thoughts, you can surely appreciate the mahi put into this unreal artwork.