Coachella linked to 2038% increase in Herpes cases in Southern California

funny shit 26/04/2019

What happens at Coachella doesn't stay at Coachella apparently...

Coachella attendees left with a little more than great mems and fire Insta pics this year, according to STI diagnosis app HerpAlert

The app received a massive increase in the number of reported cases of herpes straight after the huge music fest in Indio, California over the past two weekends -  usually they would receive about 12 cases per day on average, but on the first two days of Coachella alone the site received over 250 cases.

In total, HerpAlert had a 2,083% increases in herpes reports, with over 1,100 reports across the fest.

The app works by allowing users to upload pics of their "situation", which is then reviewed by medical professionals, with a super quick turnaround time of about 2 hours. Sounds like a not-very-fun nude exchange site tbh. 

Sounds like Coachella need to do a little bit of safe sex campaigning next year. There's no harm in a little Ferris wheel fun as long as there are no unwanted gifts received.