Punter wakes up in stranger's house after party, gets priceless reaction from owner

funny shit 17/04/2019

We've all got that mate that sends it a bit too hard and disappears at the end of the night.

Generally they'll disappear and end up safe and sound at home, but sometimes this isn't the case.

In the case of one Scottish punter, he woke up in an unfamiliar spot.

After initially leaving a house party, the lad returned to what he thought was the same house to get some sleep. It wasn't the same house.

Thankfully, the occupants were lovely and made sure the hungover man was well looked after. Check out the encounter below!

"I went to get a taxi last night. The taxi left and I came into the wrong house," the man said.

"I came in, got a cover and went to sleep. Instead of going back to the party I went into the house next door."

"A couple woke me up going ‘who are you?’ I’m like: ‘what are you talking about? I was here at the party last night’. And he went: ‘trust me man there was no party here last night.’

"Thank god this woman is from Glasgow. She was like ‘aye we’re welcoming’. Got a cup of tea and a fag!"

Crisis averted!