Comedian Tim Batt buys domain name so Brian Tamaki can't use it

funny shit 24/05/2019

We're not going to get into politics here, but just briefly, we were pretty terrified to hear Destiny's Church leader Brian Tamaki had started his own political party. It's a big no from us. 

Thankfully we have people like comedian Tim Batt to save the day, stealing the domain name that Tamaki's new party Coalition New Zealand were likely to want -

Once Tim Batt heard the news of the Tamakis new party, he immediately went to buy the domain name in a bid to "defend the cool position our country is in at the moment".

"It is an online protest in the vein of comedy and love against voices of bigotry and darkness. [We need to] not take for granted that things are getting better for minority communities and sometimes that involves mocking bigots by buying domain names," he said. 

The domain name now redirects to episode one of TVNZ's 'The Male Gayz' on YouTube featuring comedians Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson, a show which Tim Batt produced. 

"I thought the best way to combat bigotry and hatred is by shoving a beautiful, funny, talented bunch of people in their face, just to prove them wrong," Batt continued.

He also purchased the variation of the domain '', which he hasn't redirected yet, but is thinking of linking it to a petition to get abortion removed from the Crimes Act. Well played sir. 

Tamaki is notoriously known for his anti-LGBTQA+ stance, and even made comments in 2016 blaming that community's 'sins' for NZs earthquakes. Uh huh, sounds legit. 

"When I was in high school I marched on Parliament against Destiny Church. Me and a bunch of school mates went down.., in support of the queer community and marriage equality. This is the continuation, almost 15 years later, telling them that their ideas are stupid," said Batt.