The 'can I speak to the manager' memes ruined this mum's baby name, another win for the internet

funny shit 31/05/2019

A Reddit user has shared how she crushed her cousin's baby name plans by introducing her to the 'can I speak to your manager' memes that have been floating around for the last few years. 

Stephanie had planned to name her baby Karen, completely unaware that the name has become somewhat infamous in meme culture - and she didn't take the news well when her cousin tried to explain it to her. 

Posting to Reddit thread 'Am I The Asshole', the cousin wrote:

Commenters were pretty quick to tell the poster that they were indeed the asshole in this sitch. The jury's still out for us - we can't quite see Karen as a cute baby name anymore if we're honest. 

If you've missed the whole thing, here are some examples to get you back in the loop: