Drunk guy drives around his neighborhood in 45 tonne military tank

funny shit 19/06/2019

This guy must have woken up with a killer hangover... 

Last Thursday (June 13) a man drunkenly cruised the Polish streets of Pajęczno in a T-55 tank. Police were quickly alerted with a bunch of people obviously reporting the strange sighting. 

It wasn't hard to miss the enormous tank once police arrived at the scene. Luckily they also found the man just standing next to his fun mode of transport.

Oddly enough, the man had been authorised to drive the tank. Guess whoever authorised it didn't think he'd be hooning around the neighbourhood at night while intoxicated.

To make matters worse for this guy, the police determined that the insurance on the tank wasn't current. And they had to wait until 5am to get a former soldier to hook the tank up to a tow truck.

The man was then detained in prison and is facing up to two years in jail, yikes.