Plans revealed for Mike Tyson's cannabis-themed resort

funny shit 30/07/2019

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has done some pretty out-there stuff in his time - from famously biting an opponents' ear off to owning tigers - but this latest venture ranks pretty highly.

Last month the 53-year-old revealed plans for a massive cannabis-themed resort on the grounds of his California ranch.

The former heavyweight champion of the world launched an extremely successful cannabis company in 2016 and grows several strains of high-grade marijuana at his ranch, used in dozens of off-the-shelf products. Work began on the ranch in 2017.

Tyson has plans laid for a 1600m² resort which will include a hotel, spas, lodges, a glamping park, the world’s longest lazy river as a mode of transport.

The crown jewel may be an an events area aimed at hosting annual marijuana and music festivals, as well as “Tyson University” where Tyson is hoping to host agriculture courses for prospective cannabis farmers.

It all sounds pretty ambitious but if there's anyone that could pull it off, it's probably Iron Mike!